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Tuition is due at the 1st of every month.

Tuition is late after the 5th of the month - $15 late fee will be charged to account.

Late tuition after the 10th of every month will be an additional $20 charged to account.

You can make up classes missed due to illness, studio weather closure, national holiday, or vacation within the next week with any class in the same level and age. Tuition is not prorated for missed classes or holidays Tuition is already prorated for the year with holidays in mind.

Adult Class Drop In's $15/Class 
Register Online Or In Person
Kids Dance Class Drop In's (Ages 2-18) $20/Class
Sibling Discount (Families are charged for all classes as one dancer rather separate students)


Recital Fees:

Recital is our end of year show where your dancers have a blast showing off all of their hard work on the big stage to family and friends. Fees will include a costume for each recital dance, a recital t-shirt that will have each dancer's name on the back, and tights or socks for each dance that needs it. Recital fees are non refundable, even if you choose to not participate any longer. If you do not wish to participate in the recital, you must notify the office via email by November 1st. 


(Fees are per student (ask about sibling bundle) paid November, December, & January or later depending on when you join the studio)


1 recital dance: $195 (3 payments of $65)

2 recital dances: $255 (3 payments of $85)

3 recital dances: $315 (3 payments of $105)

4 recital dances: $375 (3 payments of $125)

5 recital dances: $435 (3 payments $145)

6+ recital dances: $495 (3 payments of $165)

Registration Fee: $40/yr/dancer
$35/year for returning dancers
(for monthly classes only)

New Tuition Rates 2023.png

Pricing is determined by the number of hours you take per week. tuition is monthly based.

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