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Hip Hop

Students will engage in a vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle and unique movements . Through its three main styles of popping, locking, and breaking, hip-hop dance has evolved into one of the most popular and influential styles of dance.

Classes Offered


Jazz dance class will combine techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with the current forms of popular dance. Students will receive ranges from isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body. Our emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style. 


 Lyrical is combination of ballet and jazz and a slower, expressive type of dance that incorporates technique. This dance style’s main goal is to interpret the lyrics of the song through movement.


Modern and contemporary dance is a dance style that combines technique and connecting the mind and body through fluid dance moves. It rejects many of the strict rules of classical ballet, focusing instead on the expression of inner feelings. Students will be able to emphasize creativity in choreography and performance.


Ballet classes are the foundation for developing technique and training with emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out, coordination of the upper body, and use of feet and arms. Using barre, center and across the floor technique work and choreography to instill discipline, focus, and proper class room etiquette. 


 Students will learn to emphasize the flow of movement by teaching the dancer to find rhythms and beats not only in music but in their own bodies. The rhythm and movement of tap, created by the metal taps on the heels and toes of a dancer’s shoes, transforms the dancer into a percussive musician.

Specialty Classes

Latin Fusion w/ Lexx

Culturally influenced style of fun and energetic dance; a Latin experience of salsa, bachata, and reggaeton.


Hip Hop Fitness

A fun hip hop class catered towards fitness helping adults along their own healthy lifestyle journey.

Pro-League Prep / Lil' Lonestars Prep/ Baby Lonestars

A cheer style dance class that prepares adult and child dancers for NFL, NBA, MLB, & collegiate style dancing. 

Freestyle Friday's

A fun party style class welcoming ALL dancers wanting to freestyle, dance, and have a great time! 

Mom It Out Fitness

A fitness hip hop class for moms wanting to get out and have some fun!

My Mini and Me

Mommy's get out of the house and join your babies ages 2-6 for a fun class where we will dance, move around, and play games together!

Adult Heels
Begginer/Intermediate Heels class for dancers wanted to learn heels technique and choreography. 

Adult Zumba

A fitness class merging salsa, reggaeton, merengue, and cumbia styles together for a fun energetic class.

Adult Jazz Funk

Also known as Street Jazz, borrows a lot of movement from other dance styles. From ballet-modern-hip hop-to lyrical, jazz funk incorporates  other dance genres and wraps in into a funky style that is both fun and expressive! 

Adult Ballet

Beginner Ballet for adults to help with flexibility, strength and learning the Ballet dance genre in a fun non-judgmental environment.

Adult Technique

Beginner technique for adults to help with flexibility, turns, jumps, extensions and other forms of technique in a fun non-judgmental environment.

Adult Hip Hop

Beginner Hip Hop for adults that focuses on cardio, grooves, and fun. This class has an old school party vibe to it that you will enjoy every time. 

New & Different Classes Added In The Summer
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